Special Gifts For Your Loved Ones During Your Visit To Ben Tre, Vietnam

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Special Gifts For Your Loved Ones During Your Visit To Ben Tre, Vietnam

When you want to go shopping in Ben Tre, what should you buy? Ben Tre, blessed by nature with captivating landscapes and lush greenery, has become a popular tourist destination for travelers. Furthermore, after an extended trip here, you can bring back many delicious and meaningful specialties for your family and friends. Let's explore some nice local products to buy as gifts while traveling in Ben Tre through the following article with Viet Asia Tour!
14 March, 2024 Sunny Nguyen Duong

1. Buying fruits in Ben Tre as gifts

With its favorable climate and fertile land, Ben Tre is known as one of the fruit paradises offering a variety of delicious and sweet fruits all year round. If you don’t know what to buy in Ben Tre Vietnam to bring back as a gift, taking away some fruits from the Southern land of Vietnam is not a bad choice.

Not only can you taste flavorful fruit, but you can also bring them as gifts for your loved ones

You can visit the fruit orchards in Ben Tre to directly experience tasting fruits in the orchard and also purchase them to bring back as gifts. Some of the famous and delightful fruits from Ben Tre that you can bring back as gifts for your loved ones include durian, mangosteen, rambutan, coconut, orange, etc... Cai Mon Fruit Garden is one of the places you should consider visiting.

A note for you is to carefully package and store the fruits when choosing them as gifts to prevent them from being crushed and damaged!

2. Buying snacks in Ben Tre as gifts

2.1. Kẹo dừa Bến Tre (Coconut Candy)

Ben Tre coconut candy is the most famous specialty when it comes to the name Ben Tre. To create these unique coconut candies, besides choosing high-quality coconuts, skillful and meticulous techniques are required in every processing stage.

Coconut Candy in Ben Tre

Among the many local products to buy as Ben Tre souvenir, this one is recommended. There are various price ranges for this specialty gift, but on average, it costs around 50,000 VND (around 2$) for a box of coconut candy.

2.2. Bánh phồng Sơn Đốc (Son Doc Puff Rice Paper)

Son Doc puff rice paper is a delicious treat with the fragrant taste of glutinous rice, combined with the rich, sweet flavor of coconut. It's simple yet unforgettable, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who tries it.

Son Doc Puff Rice Paper as a Gift

This snack is a popular delicacy in Ben Tre, and just catching a whiff of its aroma from afar is enough to make it irresistible. It's a perfect gift for your family and friends after returning from Ben Tre, one you shouldn't overlook. You can buy these things at Son Doc market. With around 50.000 -150.000 VND (around 2$ - 6$) for a bag of 10-20 pieces with various flavors, you can fully experience the authentic taste of Ben Tre's coconut homeland.

2.3. Bánh tráng Mỹ Lồng (My Long Rice Paper)

One of the traditional things to buy as Ben Tre souvenir is the My Long rice paper, originating from My Thanh commune, Giong Trom district, Ben Tre province.

My Long Rice Paper as a Gift - An interesting Snack

This type of rice paper is meticulously processed from “gạo sỏi” (a special variety of rice in Tra Vinh), finely ground and carefully kneaded with mature coconuts, thick and juicy, to extract the coconut milk. This specialty of Ben Tre is both rich and fluffy, releasing a fragrant aroma when placed on the charcoal stove. The price for a portion of My Long rice paper, consisting of 5 pieces, is approximately 60.000 VND (around 3$).

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2.4. Rượu dừa (Coconut Wine)

Because it's entirely processed with coconut water, this type of wine is renowned for its health benefits and skincare properties, aiding in digestion and promoting a positive and efficient digestive process.

Coconut Wine in Ben Tre

With a rustic appearance and the fragrant, sweet taste of homeland coconuts, these coconut wine bottles are undoubtedly an interesting gift. You can go shopping in Ben Tre to buy coconut wine as a gift for friends and family. The price for this specialty is around 75.000 - 150.000 VND (around 3$ - 6$) for a 500ml bottle.

2.5. Mứt dừa (Coconut jam)

During your trip to Ben Tre Vietnam, or during your Mekong Delta tour, one of the good coconut snacks to consider buying as a gift is coconut jam. This is a beloved rustic gift favored by travelers to bring back for their families, relatives, and friends.

Coconut Jam - A good choice to be a Gift

The process of making coconut jam begins with removing the fibrous husk of the coconut, cracking it open, and separating the coconut meat. The yellowish outer skin is peeled off, leaving the thin coconut flesh intact, which is then soaked until the water is absorbed. Afterwards, sugar is added, allowing time for the coconut to absorb the sugar evenly. Next, the mixture is heated in a pan until the sugar coats the coconut slices, then left to cool before indulging. A 500g bag of coconut jam is typically sold for 100.000 - 120.000 (around 4$ - 5$)

3. Buying handicrafts and souvenirs in Ben Tre as gifts

What's special about the souvenirs from Ben Tre Mekong Delta is that they are all made from different parts of the coconut tree. If you have the chance to visit eco-tourism sites or tourist attractions in Ben Tre, you will come across stalls selling beautifully crafted handicraft products made from coconuts.

A Coffee Cup Made from Coconut

These can include bags, wallets, chopsticks, spoons, bowls, masks, teapots, and more, all intricately designed and visually appealing. If you're still undecided on what souvenir to get for your friends and family after your trip to Ben Tre, this could also be a suggestion worth considering!

Here are some recommendations for souvenirs to buy when you want to go shopping in Ben Tre. Viet Asia Tour hopes you find this information useful and can choose suitable gifts when you have the opportunity to explore the land of coconuts. To ensure a satisfying experience far beyond your expectations, please CONTACT VIET ASIA TOUR, TRAVEL AGENCY VIETNAM now.

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